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Lease Signing

Are you a full time Bradley Student and ready to sign a lease on a property you have seen? 

Steps to Lease Signing

Signing a Lease Online

  • Schedule a showing appointment for properties you are interested in.

  • Once you and your group have decided on a property and are ready to sign a lease have each person fill out the form on this page.

  • After all of your group has filled out the form. We will send you a secure link to finish putting all of your personal information in. In this step, You will create an account to pay rent, see balances, and submit service orders. More information maybe required on this step to use our lower deposit option. (See Leasing Agent for details)

  • When the entire group has filled out the rest of the personal information the leasing agent will generate the lease thru docusign and send it to your E-mail

  • When lease signing is complete if you are opting out of the lower deposit option you will log back in here to pay deposit. 

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